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Do you feel like your relationship lacks communication? That you are not being heard? Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells? Does your relationship lack intimacy, trust, friendship?  

Relationship issues can take a toll on a person.

Could you visualize a relationship where you feel supported, understood,valued and validated? Imagine feeling connected, committed, loved, respected and able to trust. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was how you felt in your relationship?

Are you ready for a solution?

Congratulations, you have taken the first step

to finding a happier you!

Welcome and hello, I am Michelle Scharlop, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Your Relationship Expert. I specialize in transforming relationships, one relationship at a time. Let me help. My expertise in relationships combined with over a decade of experience and highly effective customized approaches is your solution to your relationship struggles. I provide couples, individuals and families the tools they need for better communication, conflict resolution, affair recovery and a happier life.

I invite you on a journey towards healing, self-discovery, empowerment and happiness. Therapy is the opportunity for a meaningful change starting with the simple decision to move in a new direction. This is the time to reclaim your life by making a commitment to changing your situation.

This investment in yourself and your relationship, will be the biggest, most valuable gift you will ever receive. 

Complimentary Consultations Available

I offer a complimentary 15-20 minute phone consultation or a complimentary 15-20 minute in-person consultation to all new clients. 

By Michelle Scharlop