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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to finding a happier you. I invite you on a journey towards healing, self-discovery, empowerment and happiness. Making the choice to go to counseling is a gift that you can give yourself. Therapy is the opportunity for a meaningful change starting with the simple decision to move in a new direction. This is the time to reclaim your life by making a commitment to changing your situation. 

Complimentary Consultations Available

I offer a complimentary 15-20 minute phone consultation or a complimentary 15-20 minute in-person consultation to all new clients. 

Life is a path of unexpected turns. Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, struggling?

Bed Rest... Being on bed rest can take some of the joy out of your pregnancy. Home visits can be arranged to learn and utilize good coping strategies. 

Blended Families... You have fallen in love again and want this to last. How do you bring two different sets of families together in harmony?

Child/Teen Development... Your child or teenager is going through some difficult challenges. Does your child need some support with academics, social skills, bullying, siblings, divorce?

Co-dependency... You put everyone's needs before yours and then you feel like exploding, and that makes you feel guilty. How can you find a balance?

Communication... You talk but you can't seem to get your point across to your spouse, your kids, your parents. How can you effectively communicate?

Dating... You are still single or single again. How do you get what you want from dating?

Grief... The losses in life just pile up-the big ones through death, miscarriage, empty nest, the loss of youth and dreams; there's sadness in the pit of your stomach. How do you heal?

High Risk Pregnancy... This is a highly emotional time that poses some challenges for the perspective parents. Do you need some valuable tools to deal with the situation?

Infertility... The dream of being a parent has been met with some roadblocks. How do you deal with your emotions during this journey?

Life After Divorce... You are starting over and feeling unsure. How do you juggle kids, dating, new friendships and feelings of loneliness?

Life Transitions... This can be something that is positive or negative, planned or unplanned. Are you at a cross road in your career, going away to college, becoming an empty nest household, moving to a new city, retiring? Do you need guidance on transitioning from one chapter of your life to the next?

New Parenting... The dream of becoming a parent is a reality. Now what? How to handle the shifts in your daily life as well as the shifts in your primary relationship. 

Parenting... You are having trouble setting limits with your kids. How do you figure out appropriate consequences and maintain consistency?

Postpartum Depression... You love your baby but yet you are feeling the blues. How do you manage your symptoms and enjoy your baby?

Relationships... You love each other but it seems that you fight all of the time; you feel disconnected. How can you rekindle that spark?

Stress Management... You feel overwhelmed. How are you going to manage without feeling stressed?

By Michelle Scharlop